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Work in the Vineyards

neu pflanzungThe vineyard demands constant care. The vineyards at the Ruwer are very steep. Because of this machines can be used very rarely and most work need to be done manually.

Old vines are constantly replaced by cultivation of new common grape vines.














So also the vintage of the grape/cluster property is pure manual work and requires full concentration, since the correct grapes/clusters do not only have to be harvested, in addition, very easily the bucket with the picking property tilts and contents then is useless. We put only perfect grapes/clusters to read to special value on it, around the quality of our wines not to leg-pregnant.
After collecting the grapes, they are transported immediately into our cellar for further processing.
















Aspecial is the wine collected during wintertime, so called "Eiswein". EisweintraubenThe grapes are not collected during normal time in fall, but during wintertime, when the temperature of the grape is below -5C. Collected and directly pressed in the cellar, the water in the grapes stays frozen and the level of natural sugar is very high. The Eiswein's are very tasty and have a very rich flavor.

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